Section 2.0 - Loads

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Section it acceptable to use the results of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) testing as a substitute to the requirements outlined in section If so, what conditions must be meet? If so, can we claim the tower is compliant with TIA-222-G if the wind tunnel data is used?

Many variables affect the outcome of CFD computations. CFD computations are theoretical models that do not include all of the complex interdependent issues and variables that exist with actual installations. TIA-222-G specifically provides standard prescribed methods to calculate the Effective Projected Area of combinations of appurtenances commonly used for antennas supporting structures. These methods include the many factors not easily taken into consideration in design such as shielding, dynamic loads, etc. The standard methods listed represent the minimum acceptable values. Other methods shall not be used to justify lower EPA values. If there are data that indicate the methods outlined in the Standard can be improved, these data should be submitted and approved by the committee and revisions to the Standard will be considered. The above is in regard to calculating wind loads from groups of appurtenances such as mounting frames, ring mounts, panel antennas, etc. and their interaction with the supporting structure, transmission lines, etc. CFD computations may be performed for antennas and other discrete appurtenances with complex shapes as indicated in Section for microwave antennas and other discrete appurtenances.

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