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In the upper left hit the "Ask Question" link? Fill out the fields listed. Please submit under the section to which the question pertains. If possible, please submit each question by section, i.e. do not submit a single question that applies to more than one section. Each question requires a single submittal. DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT QUESTIONS IN A SINGLE SUBMITTAL “Ask Question.” This will improve the clarity and speed of our response. Please list the section number that is the subject of the question (ex. Section before the question. The steering committee meets once per month to review submittals. Once the question has been reviewed the person responsible for the submittal will receive a notification of our response. Questions that fall into the following categories will not be addressed by the committee or will be returned for clarification: 1. The question is ambiguous. 2. The question is not directly attributable to the subject matter of the standard. 3. The question deals with the practice of engineering rather than the theoretical content contained in the standard. 4. The question seeks an opinion about a specific situation that is not theoretical. 5. A review of the question does not result in a unanimous response from the steering committee. If you have further questions about how to request a clarification (Ask Question) please feel free to address these to

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