Section 9.0 - Foundations and Anchorages

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I’m trying to determine if a pad & pier should use a phi of 0.75 on the resisting moment to resist overturning. Mult/(Phi*Mrest)I believe it is the intent of the TIA to say this (per 9.4) but it is not explicit.If the phi is to be included in the overturning calculation; Then does it apply to the entire resisting moment or just the portion derived from the soil (as opposed to the foundation weight or axial weight?

The resistance factor ( = 0.75) is intended to apply to only the soil resistance related to soil strength, as opposed to soil overburden weight directly above the foundation. The total overturning resistance of the foundation is a function of the soil resistance, the weight of the foundation and soil overburden and the factored axial load. It would not be appropriate to apply an additional 0.75 resistance factor to the total overturning resistance calculated in this manner. Note that the foundation and soil overburden weight are considered as dead load with the load factors of 0.90 or 1.20 per Section 2.3.2 (specifically Note 3).

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