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Is it the intention of drafters of the TIA Standard 222 that previous issues of the Standard are not to be used in design/analysis? Say, for example, a jurisdiction in currently still under the International Building Code (2006)--which makes reference to TIA/EIA-222-F (1996). Is Revision G to be taken to supersede all previous issues of the Standard?? Any commentary and/or other reference to seek out would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

The latest version of the TIA-222 standard represents recognized literature and is the industry standard that is based on the latest data and research and development related to antenna supporting structures. The intent of the TIA organization is that the latest version of TIA-222 standard be used for all applications, which may be in addition to the requirements of local jurisdictions. The version of TIA-222 adopted by local jurisdictions vary based on the code revision cycle of the jurisdiction. In order to determine compliance for existing structures, the use of the previous edition (TIA-222-F) is referenced in Section 15.4 of TIA-222-G.

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