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I am currently working a telecommunications tower project where dead weight of concrete blockswill be used to resist uplift and sliding forces at the base of a truss tower. These blocks of concretemust be placed above the soil.Provision 2.3.2 of TIA‐222‐G, Equation 2 shows the load combination of .9D + 1.0 Dg + 1.6 W. Sincethe dead load contributed by the concrete foundation and the steel tower above is the actualweight of concrete (not some assumed dead load used for the design of superstructure), is itnecessary to reduce the dead load of the concrete footing by 10%? Is there an ASD loadcombination (where wind load is not multiplied by 1.6) that can be used to calculate the requiredcounter weight?

The loading combinations specified 2.3.2 requires the dead load factor to be applied to the weight of the substructure and weight of the soil directly above the foundation. Therefore, the 10% load reduction in weight would apply to ballast in combination with the wind load factor of 1.6. No ASD load combinations is specified in the standard.

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