Section 2.0 - Loads

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Regarding recent FAQ 1128: would it be possible to add the committee's reasoning for requiring the worst-case exposure category for all directions, even though ASCE 7-2010 allows exposure category to vary, based on a rational analysis of upwind roughness? Likewise, regarding recent FAQ 1129, since ASCE 7-2010 specifically allows reductions below its own mapped values (last sentence of 1st paragraph of 26.5.3), it would be helpful to understand why the committee feels that basic wind speeds less than those in ASCE 7-2010 should not be permitted, even if they could be rationally justified using ASCE 7-2010 procedures.

For revision G, methods were not well defined in previous editions of ASCE7 for using a directional approach for exposure. A method for using a directional approach is proposed for use in Revision H. The ASCE7 mapped windspeeds are considered minimum windspeeds. Local climatic data may indicate higher windspeeds may be required in special wind regions.

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