Section 2.0 - Loads

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Referencing Section 2.3.2, Exception 4 and Note 3; for a guyed mast anchor foundation design, is it the intent of the Standard to consider the weight of the concrete anchor foundation and soil directly over the foundation as dead load with the load factor of 1.2 specified in Load Cases 1, 3 and 4, even though the weight of the concrete and soil counteracts the guy anchor uplift reaction?In addition, is it the intent of the Standard that all soil strengths that are a function of the density of the soil be calculated with a factor of 1.0 applied to the density of soil for calculating nominal soil strengths with the resistance factors of Section 9.4.1 applied to the nominal strengths?

Note 3 in Section 2.3.2 was not intended to apply to the design of anchors for guyed masts. The design strength from the dead load of the soil directly above the foundation and the weight of the foundation should be considered with a minimum 0.9 resistance factor. A change proposal clarifying this intent is anticipated for TIA-222-H.

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