Section 2.0 - Loads

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Hello,The effective projected area of transmission lines mounted in a cluster is based on the appropriate out-to-out dimension of the cluster (Fig. 2-12 on Rev. G). In other words, (12) 2" lines stacked 6-on-6 with clear spacing of 1" and Ca= 1.5 will have an (EPA) N = [2x6+5x1)] x 1.5 for ice loading, assuming ice will fill in all spaces. Does this mean, for no ice loading, space between the stacked lines can be neglected? Ex. (EPA) N = [2x6]x1.5, assuming lines are perfectly stacked and ice does not control.RegardsShan

For the no ice loading condition, the space between the stacked lines must be included in the EPA calculation. For the ice condition described above, the EPA would be larger than indicated due to the additional width from ice as depicted in Figure 2-12.

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