Section 4.0 - Design Strength of Structural Steel

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1) I knew this table 4-8 is used to calculate the polygonal tubular member yield stresses. Note 1. indicated "For polygonal members, w/t shall not exceed 2.14(E/Fy)^(1/2)". I saw other engineers still using the table to calculate the pole yield stress even the w/t ratio exceeds 2.14(E/Fy)^(1/2) limit. My understanding is once the w/t limit exceed, the pole will have local buckling issues and the pole will be failing. I just want to make sure there is not any addendum to the standard so the local bucking can be ignored.

There is no other addendum. The yield strength required for nominal strength may be substituted for the minimum yield strength of the material in the maximum w/t expression.

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