Section 4.0 - Design Strength of Structural Steel

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In Section 4.5.1, the following language is used:"A multiple bolt or welded connection made only to a gusset plate without also being connected directly to the member providing restraint (i.e. leg member) shall not be considered to provide partial restraint in the out-of-plane direction."Is this language referring only to something like a gusset plate in the center of a tower face, or to end-tab connections (bracing-to-leg) as well? It is my understanding that end tabs would be considered to be part of the member providing restraint, and thus capable of providing resistance to out-of-plane bending of bracing members.Any clarification will be appreciated. Thank you!

The provision is intended to apply to bracing and leg connections as well. The intent is that out-of-plane restraint is not to be considered for a brace that is connected to a leg by way of a gusset plate only. Out-of-plane restraint for a brace is applicable only when the brace is connected directly to the tower leg.

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