Section 4.0 - Design Strength of Structural Steel

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Section 4.5.3 Built-Up Members states that "A minimum of two bolts shall be used at each intermediate connector point when the connected width (i.e. connected leg width of a double angle) of a compression member exceeds 4 in." I could not find any reference to the two bolt per intermediate connector requirement in the AISC steel manual, and do not believe I have seen this on towers with large double angle diagonals. Does this mean that the two bolts shall be at each stitch location side by side, aligned with the axis of buckling, or the two bolts shall be aligned with the axis of the applied compressive force? Also, does this two bolt requirement apply to built-up members consisting of other shapes, such as channel leg reinforcement on the apex of a bent plate leg, or flat plate reinforcement on a monopole?

Section 4.5.3 does not specify the orientation of multiple bolt connections at intermediate connection points for a built up member. This requirement was based on ASCE10-97, Section 3.11, which does not specify the orientation of such connections. There is an anticipated change proposal for TIA-222-H based on the CSA S37-13 Standard that would require a minimum of two stitch bolts across the width of the leg (perpendicular to the line of force) for 5 in and larger double angles.

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