Appendix 1: Design Criteria Maps

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Figure A1-1 Why were the tables and Note 3 removed from the figures

The table was a unit conversion table. This lead to confusion. Some interpreted the table to represent load combinations. The table listed conversion from Imperial to Metric units. Since conversions were provided in Annex M the tables were removed to avoid confusion. Removal of the tables had no impact on the design ice thickness and basic wind speed to use for a given location. The ice thickness zones are indicated by solid lines and wind speed zones are indicated by dotted lines. The tables cannot be used as a substitute for the values indicated on the maps. The wind speeds adjacent to ice thicknesses in the conversion tables are irrelevant. The data is simply presented from lowest to highest value and does not specify the wind speed appropriate to consider with a given design ice thickness. Again, it is important to note that the table is literally a conversion of values, i.e. 1.25 in. is 31.8 mm and separately 70 mph converts to 31 m/s. It was never intended to be a “load.” For example, it should not be considered a load combination that requires the user to select a 70 mph wind when considering an ice load of 1.25 inches. Each column is a separate conversion list, not a load combination.

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